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Roshni SrikurejaI am a certified Medical Support Clinical and General Hypnotherapist, a practicing Reiki Master and a fellow member on the International Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH), which has the highest certification standards in the Hypnotherapy industry.

My journey started when I decided to quit my IT job for the lack of inner satisfaction and fulfillment. I traveled around Asia mainly in India and Nepal where I visited ashrams and attended workshops and seminars on self-development and healing. After a year of exploration, gaining valuable insights and wisdom about myself, I started a meditation practice and began training in different energy healing modalities, Reiki being one of them. Beautiful Reiki energy further facilitated my personal healing into an intuitive, compassionate and connected being. I was then fortunate to be offered a full time job as a residential Reiki Master at Omroom, a Bangkok based healing center while volunteering and giving Reiki treatments at a local hospital.

Having mastered the skill, I began looking to grow and expand in other directions, which drew me to the 10 week 500 plus hour program at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America that offered a comprehensive and complete curriculum with daily hands on practice. There, I learnt to "always look at a client as a whole and complete being" who didn't need fixing or sympathy but love, compassion and a desire for change. With regular self-hypnosis and meditation as part of my training, I developed a higher sense of awareness/focus and was able to be 100% present in sessions with clients.

Because the Academy's values aligned so completely with mine, I saw some miraculous and accelerated healing happening for myself and my classmates in an average of 3 sessions using a skill set of an Academy trained Hypnotherapist, such as NLP driven Parts Therapy, Regression Therapy, Trauma Reversal Techniques, Integrated Wisdom Therapy and many more with which I personally cleared claustrophobia, boosted my self-esteem/confidence and over-came my fear of public speaking.

Facilitating a healing session is my passion and I'm here to serve. It is uplifting and brings in fulfillment that I cannot begin to describe. I now live in Bangkok and work full-time as a Hypnotherapist at Bangkok hypnotherapy where I also offer Intuitive Reiki Treatments; specializing in Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Phobia, Self-Esteem related issues, Manage and Reduce Pain, Transforming old beliefs and patterns, Deep Relaxation and Stress Release, Trauma, Past Life and Natal Regression.

Other trainings and qualifications; BodyTalk Access System, Planetary Clearing, Qi Gong, Collective Consciousness and Intuitive Development.  

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Session type 1 session 3 sessions 6 sessions
General & Clinical Hypnotherapy 3000 THB 2800 THB 2500 THB
Past Life & Natal Regression (60-90min) 3000 THB  ------  ------

*All costs are per session! The "3 sessions package" is valid for 60 days, and "6 sessions package" is valid for 90 days only. Both offers are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

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